Ealing Common

‘You know what, maybe I hadn’t totally forgotten we’d met before. When I came into the pub today and saw you behind the bar, I had this feeling, like I was returning to a familiar place or something.’

‘I was a familiar energy to you.’

‘I remember my mum wanted to call your parents to let them know you were alright, but you wouldn’t let her. You just left on your own.’

‘My parents were a bit of a long story.’

‘Yeah, that’s what my mum would say, more or less, whenever you were discussed.’

‘So I became family legend?’

‘You are a big part of Coulson family legend: The Girl Who Rescued Me from Bullies at the Fair on Ealing Common.’

‘It was more of a salvage job really. They had already left you. I just scooped you off the ground and helped you home.’

‘Well, it put my life back on track, whatever you did, so thank you.’

‘You’re welcome.’

‘I feel weird. Is this sexy, talking about how you took care of me when we were kids?’

‘I think it depends on where you go from here. Just take your time. It’s all about energy.’

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